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Certificate of Merit & Certificate in Bookkeeping

Our congratulations to Sam Stewart who is our latest student to gain the ABCC Certificate of Merit, as well as the ICB Certificate in Bookkeeping. Not only did Sam complete the ICB Level 2 exams with an overall Distinction but for the sheer ‘stickability’ she displayed in keeping going with her studies in the face of difficult health problems the ABCC felt that she also fully deserved the award of the Certificate of Merit. For a full write-up, please read Sam’s story in our the Certificate of Merit section (via the ‘Success’ drop-down menu). She has developed many good ideas for maintaining the motivation of the ‘long distance learner’ in difficult circumstances and we are sure that some of these may well be helpful to fellow students following the same path. We confidently wish Sam every success in the next stages of the ICB examination scheme.

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We are closing down…

Due to the Director’s impending retirement, the Distance Learning Partnership will close on 31 January 2017. In view of  this, we are not accepting new clients from 1 August 2016 but  we will continue to service all existing clients who wish to finish their courses. Course descriptions will remain on our website for the information of existing students.

  • If you have not yet finished your course yet, you can carry on as normal until the end of your service contract. Your Tutor will be glad to receive your assignments for marking. If you have not yet started on your assignments, please do so as soon as you can.
  • If your service contract has expired but you wish to continue we will continue to offer, until the end of this year, a 12-month extension at 25% of the course price. You can apply via our website (see Renewals on the Enrolment page).

Please contact Ian Campbell at DLP if you need any clarification.

Commercial Management

DLP’s Commercial Management courses have been transferred to the College of Contract Management. They retain Chartered ICES accreditation. (Please our news item under this category for more information.) We will continue to service existing students for the Certificate and Diploma and we will set and mark Final Assignments for those completing the courses.


Please continue with your enrolled course(s). We will continue to book Mock Exams for you at Levels 2, 3 and 4 if you have enrolled for any of these courses. We assume that current students will already have been registered with the ICB but if your registration has lapsed or if you enrolled for Level 2 Module 1 only without registration we can still register you. We will send you the form on request. When you have completed your courses with us, we recommend for your next Level that you consider enrolling with another Accredited Training Provider, such as  Ideal Schools (, which is also a member of ABCC and with which we have had regular contact over many years. If you mention that you formerly studied with DLP, Ideal Schools will offer you a 5% discount on their course price. Look out for seasonal discounts as well!


  • Archaeology (AS): There is a new specification for teaching in schools from September 2017. Exams will be set for the existing specification until June 2017 and so for Archaeology we will accept enrolments up to 30 September 2016.  If you did not take the June 2016 exam or were not successful you can apply for an extension to cover June 2017.
  • History (AS & AL): The last exams for the old specification were held in June 2016. Although DLP is not offering courses for the new specification, our Tutor, Dr Andrew Chibi, who is an experienced author in Early Modern History, is developing course material which he will offer through his own website. We will post information on this site when further information about the courses is available.


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Please see our previous post on the transfer of our Commercial Management course to the College of Contract Management.

This was due to take place on 1 April but has been deferred for administrative reasons until 1 August. In the meantime, we will be pleased to accept your enrolment or re-enrolment with full service for up to 12 months on any module.

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In order to secure the future of this programme, from 1 April we are transferring the courses for Certificate and Professional Diploma in Commercial Management to the College of Contract Management, which will become responsible for all enquiries and new enrolments.

Continued Service:

  • If you have enrolled for one Module and are ready for your next one, apply to DLP for your Certificate of Completion and then enrol with CCM for your next module.
  • If you have enrolled for one Module but have not yet completed it, you do not need to do anything as DLP will provide service for up to 12 months from your enrolment.
  • If you have enrolled for the complete course for either the Certificate or the Diploma,  and still have modules to complete, DLP will continue your service for up to 24 months from enrolment and will send you any further modules when you need them.
  • Patrick Waterhouse will continue as your Course Tutor .

As CCM already offers courses accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, the transfer will not affect the accreditation of the Commercial Management programme which remains valid. You will still be able to join the Institution as a Student Member whether you are continuing with DLP or transferring to CCM.

Contact Details

Please contact Ian Campbell at DLP ( if you wish to check how this change may affect you. If wish to enrol for a new Module or the next stage please contact CCM.

For CCM contact details are as follows:

Roomy Razack MCIOB   Programme Co-ordinator

College of Contract Management  Atticus House 2 The Windmills St Mary’s Close

ALTON Hants  GU34 1EF  Tel 01420 481 681

Or use the following link:






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A First for the Certificate in Commercial Management

We’d like to congratulate Laura Parke who was the first student to complete the Certificate in Commercial Management by taking and passing the Final (‘Exam’) Assignment that we introduced last year. Her Tutor, Patrick Waterhouse, awarded her a Pass with Merit, which was the same grade as her overall pass. Students take four Modules and a Final Assignment. The Modules are assessed on coursework, which counts towards 60% of the final grade, plus the Final Assignment which counts for 40% of the final grade. The Final Assignment is sent for completion at home or office within a set period, currently one month, and provides questions ranging over all four Modules. It also offers an opportunity to bring in personal experience and research as well as information and knowledge acquired from the course material.

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GCE AS History – Last Exam May/June 2016

Edexcel has recently confirmed to me that all Units for AS and A2 History are available at the May/June 2016 examinations. This will be the last sitting for AS under the 2008-2014 (legacy) specification but it is open to first-time candidates. It is not restricted to re-sits.

On the Pearson website, there is an Edexcel chart for re-sits headed up ‘Availability of AS and A level resits for legacy qualifications’ which appears to suggest that May/June 2016 is just for re-sits. This not so. The chart is intended for the guidance of re-sit candidates, some of whom will be re-sitting AS alongside their attempt at A2.

When you apply to your exam centre, it is possible that the exams officer, relying on the ‘Availability’ chart, may advise you that the exam is for re-sits only.  If you get this response, inform the exams officer that this is not the case and that you wish to book your exam. If you have any difficulty please refer to me or ask the exams officer to verify the position with the Subject Officer at Edexcel.

But remember that May/June 2016 is the last AS sitting and you do not have a re-sit opportunity. Get your Assignments and revision done in good time to make sure you pass. Don’t forget to let us know how you got on.




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Certificate & Professional Diploma in Commercial Management (Quantity Surveying)

We are very pleased that our courses for the Certificate and Professional Diploma in Commercial Management have  been re-accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors in May this year.  This process includes inspection and approval of the course material and of academic qualifications  and it is the second time that we have “passed”.


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Professional Diploma in Commercial Management

Congratulations to Martin Belshaw who completed the Professional Diploma in Commercial Management in June. Martin scored two distinctions and one merit on his individual Modules with an overall distinction for the Diploma.

It was clearly very hard work. Martin had to be at his office desk by 7.15 am and rarely left before 6.00 pm so there was little time left for studying. Motivation is the key! All the more credit to Martin for his excellent result.

The Diploma is accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors and entitles the holder to upgrade to Graduate Membership of the Institution. It comprises three Modules. Progress is assessed by in-course assignments and a final ‘examination’ assignment completed within 14 days of issue set and marked by the Senior Tutor, Hamish Mitchell.

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Newly Qualified!

Congratulations to Sandra Millett (P10023) who completed Level III of the Institute of Certified Bookkeeepers exams in March – with 94% in her final exam. But this is only part of Sandra’s achievement. She enrolled for her ICB courses in 2007, passed Levels I and II, and was then unable to continue because she had developed ME and found it difficult to combine job and study with her illness. By 2013, Sandra had learnt to manage her condition and was still ambitious to become a qualified bookkeeper. Unfortunately, as she had let her registration with the ICB lapse, she first had to re-take the exams she had previously passed. Undeterred, Sandra completed the complete suite of exams (five papers) between March 2014 and March 2015 – and passed the exam for the Level III Diploma in Payroll Management. We were so impressed by Sandra’s determination that we nominated her for an ABCC Certificate of Merit (see our Success page). She is now a Member of the Institute, licensed to practice – and looking to study for more qualifications!

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ICB Exams – Prompt Payment Discounts

New legislation showing how VAT should be entered after prompt payment discounts came into effect on 1 April 2015.  Unfortunately, HMRC has not yet finally decided how these changes should be reflected in the production of accounts. The ICB has therefore decided that prompt payment discounts will not appear in any of its exams for at least six months after 1 April.  However, to make sure that things are not thereby made too easy for you, questions are likely to give candidates an invoice to complete which will have a combination of different levels of VAT, e.g. standard and zero-rated or standard and reduced rate. We have been provided with a sample question and solution in this type of question and this is now distributed with our course material. If you have any difficulty in following this your Tutor will be glad to assist.

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