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Certificate of Merit & Certificate in Bookkeeping

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Our congratulations to Sam Stewart who is our latest student to gain the ABCC Certificate of Merit, as well as the ICB Certificate in Bookkeeping. Not only did Sam complete the ICB Level 2 exams with an overall Distinction but for the sheer ‘stickability’ she displayed in keeping going with her studies in the face of difficult health problems the ABCC felt that she also fully deserved the award of the Certificate of Merit. For a full write-up, please read Sam’s story in our the Certificate of Merit section (via the ‘Success’ drop-down menu). She has developed many good ideas for maintaining the motivation of the ‘long distance learner’ in difficult circumstances and we are sure that some of these may well be helpful to fellow students following the same path. We confidently wish Sam every success in the next stages of the ICB examination scheme.

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Diploma in Commercial Management

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Our congratulations to Michael Kerrigan, who is the most recent client to complete the Professional Diploma in Commercial Management, which is accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors. Michael gave up a large part of his Christmas 2016 holidays to revise, research and write his last Final Assignment, in C Eng Business Management, His Tutor, Patrick Waterhouse, awarded him a starred Distinction for his fine piece of work. Michael had previously received Distinctions for both C Eng Construction and C Eng Contracts Administration, and was awarded an overall starred Distinction for his Diploma. “Now I have to put it all into practice!” he says.


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AS Archaeology

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AQA has announced that it will phase out the AS and AL Archaeology exams. There will be no new specifications to replace the existing modular one. The exams for the existing specification will be held for the last time in June 2018 with the possibility of re-sit only exam in June 2019. So if you are already studying for AS Archaeology try to make the most of the time left. I understand from AQA that both AS and AL exams will be available in 2018/2019 but if you are aiming to take the full AL you may wish to take your AS exams in June 2017.

The disappearance of Archaeology from the GCE will be regretted by many university departments as it provides a valuable foundation for undergraduate study.  AQA’s  announcement received wide media cover with many teachers and practitioners expressing their dismay. Perhaps between now and 2018 another board may come forward but we have no news of any such development yet.

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We are closing down…

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Due to the Director’s impending retirement, the Distance Learning Partnership will close on 31 January 2017. In view of  this, we are not accepting new clients from 1 August 2016 but  we will continue to service all existing clients who wish to finish their courses. Course descriptions will remain on our website for the information of existing students.

  • If you have not yet finished your course yet, you can carry on as normal until the end of your service contract. Your Tutor will be glad to receive your assignments for marking. If you have not yet started on your assignments, please do so as soon as you can.
  • If your service contract has expired but you wish to continue we will continue to offer, until the end of this year, a 12-month extension at 25% of the course price. You can apply via our website (see Renewals on the Enrolment page).

Please contact Ian Campbell at DLP if you need any clarification.

Commercial Management

DLP’s Commercial Management courses have been transferred to the College of Contract Management. They retain Chartered ICES accreditation. (Please our news item under this category for more information.) We will continue to service existing students for the Certificate and Diploma and we will set and mark Final Assignments for those completing the courses.


Please continue with your enrolled course(s). We will continue to book Mock Exams for you at Levels 2, 3 and 4 if you have enrolled for any of these courses. We assume that current students will already have been registered with the ICB but if your registration has lapsed or if you enrolled for Level 2 Module 1 only without registration we can still register you. We will send you the form on request. When you have completed your courses with us, we recommend for your next Level that you consider enrolling with another Accredited Training Provider, such as  Ideal Schools (, which is also a member of ABCC and with which we have had regular contact over many years. If you mention that you formerly studied with DLP, Ideal Schools will offer you a 5% discount on their course price. Look out for seasonal discounts as well!


  • Archaeology (AS): There is a new specification for teaching in schools from September 2017. Exams will be set for the existing specification until June 2017 and so for Archaeology we will accept enrolments up to 30 September 2016.  If you did not take the June 2016 exam or were not successful you can apply for an extension to cover June 2017.
  • History (AS & AL): The last exams for the old specification were held in June 2016. Although DLP is not offering courses for the new specification, our Tutor, Dr Andrew Chibi, who is an experienced author in Early Modern History, is developing course material which he will offer through his own website. We will post information on this site when further information about the courses is available.


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