AS Archaeology

AQA has announced that it will phase out the AS and AL Archaeology exams. There will be no new specifications to replace the existing modular one. The exams for the existing specification will be held for the last time in June 2018 with the possibility of re-sit only exam in June 2019. So if you are already studying for AS Archaeology try to make the most of the time left. I understand from AQA that both AS and AL exams will be available in 2018/2019 but if you are aiming to take the full AL you may wish to take your AS exams in June 2017.

The disappearance of Archaeology from the GCE will be regretted by many university departments as it provides a valuable foundation for undergraduate study.  AQA’s  announcement received wide media cover with many teachers and practitioners expressing their dismay. Perhaps between now and 2018 another board may come forward but we have no news of any such development yet.