In order to secure the future of this programme, from 1 April we are transferring the courses for Certificate and Professional Diploma in Commercial Management to the College of Contract Management, which will become responsible for all enquiries and new enrolments.

Continued Service:

  • If you have enrolled for one Module and are ready for your next one, apply to DLP for your Certificate of Completion and then enrol with CCM for your next module.
  • If you have enrolled for one Module but have not yet completed it, you do not need to do anything as DLP will provide service for up to 12 months from your enrolment.
  • If you have enrolled for the complete course for either the Certificate or the Diploma,  and still have modules to complete, DLP will continue your service for up to 24 months from enrolment and will send you any further modules when you need them.
  • Patrick Waterhouse will continue as your Course Tutor .

As CCM already offers courses accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, the transfer will not affect the accreditation of the Commercial Management programme which remains valid. You will still be able to join the Institution as a Student Member whether you are continuing with DLP or transferring to CCM.

Contact Details

Please contact Ian Campbell at DLP ( if you wish to check how this change may affect you. If wish to enrol for a new Module or the next stage please contact CCM.

For CCM contact details are as follows:

Roomy Razack MCIOB   Programme Co-ordinator

College of Contract Management  Atticus House 2 The Windmills St Mary’s Close

ALTON Hants  GU34 1EF  Tel 01420 481 681

Or use the following link:






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