A First for the Certificate in Commercial Management

We’d like to congratulate Laura Parke who was the first student to complete the Certificate in Commercial Management by taking and passing the Final (‘Exam’) Assignment that we introduced last year. Her Tutor, Patrick Waterhouse, awarded her a Pass with Merit, which was the same grade as her overall pass. Students take four Modules and a Final Assignment. The Modules are assessed on coursework, which counts towards 60% of the final grade, plus the Final Assignment which counts for 40% of the final grade. The Final Assignment is sent for completion at home or office within a set period, currently one month, and provides questions ranging over all four Modules. It also offers an opportunity to bring in personal experience and research as well as information and knowledge acquired from the course material.

Our revised course for Measurement in the Certificate in Commercial Management is now available, covering both CESMM4 and NRM2. The course was revised by Hamish Mitchell, whose book Managing with the MMHW is provided with the course, along with two other standard textbooks. It is intended for study alongside the rules and standards themselves, normally available in a commercial management surveyor’s office. The course comprises seven Study Sessions, each with Revision Questions, and six Tutor-Assessed Assignments to be sent to your Tutor. The Course Tutor is Patrick Waterhouse. Please contact us for information. Full details will be published shortly on this website in the Course Description.

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