Happy New Year

Congratulations to Ed Thorpe who finished 2015 in fine style, completing the ICB Level 2 exams, passing each paper at the first attempt. Those who are new to bookkeeping and perhaps not sure if they have the aptitude for it can enrol for our Module 1 course on its own first (basic double entry to trial balance). Ed opted for this route but soon showed his ability, earning a distinction on Paper B1. He has finished with merit on B2 and was advised on 31 December that he had 100% on B3. You are going to become an excellent bookkeeper, Ed!

Edexcel has recently confirmed to me that all Units for AS and A2 History are available at the May/June 2016 examinations. This will be the last sitting for AS under the 2008-2014 (legacy) specification but it is open to first-time candidates. It is not restricted to re-sits.

On the Pearson website, there is an Edexcel chart for re-sits headed up ‘Availability of AS and A level resits for legacy qualifications’ which appears to suggest that May/June 2016 is just for re-sits. This not so. The chart is intended for the guidance of re-sit candidates, some of whom will be re-sitting AS alongside their attempt at A2.

When you apply to your exam centre, it is possible that the exams officer, relying on the ‘Availability’ chart, may advise you that the exam is for re-sits only.  If you get this response, inform the exams officer that this is not the case and that you wish to book your exam. If you have any difficulty please refer to me or ask the exams officer to verify the position with the Subject Officer at Edexcel.

But remember that May/June 2016 is the last AS sitting and you do not have a re-sit opportunity. Get your Assignments and revision done in good time to make sure you pass. Don’t forget to let us know how you got on.




The ICB exam now includes questions on Automatic Enrolment for pensions and how it operates. The ICB advises that candidates should take particularly careful note of the type of pension used for the computerised element and the relevant tax treatment for contributions. You may lose marks if you select either the wrong pensions scheme or the incorrect tax treatment for contributions. If in doubt (and your software does not select this automatically) please ensure that you check on the Pension Regulator’s website (http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk) for the correct method of selecting the relevant tax treatment for each type of approved pension.

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