Payroll Management 2015

Our Payroll Management course,for the ICB Level III exam, has now been revised for the fiscal year 2015/16. The course is supplied with Sage Instant Payroll 2015 and comprises 15 practical study units, each providing practical tasks as you proceed and an assignment at the end for marking by your Tutor.  You will be well-rehearsed for your exam.

It is possible to get 100% on the ICB Payroll Management exam – which is just as well when you are managing people’s pay! You take the exam at home and you have 24 hours to complete it, logging on and off as you wish. Not exactly stress-free but this does enable you to work accurately at your own pace.

You do not need to be a bookkeeper to take the exam but you do have to register with the ICB. (We do that for you if you are not already registered.) Bookkeeping experience is not essential for the course though it can be helpful.

For Course Information, please see the relevant pages on this website.

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