ICB Exams (Old Scheme -Transitional Arrangements)

The ICB has extended the transitional arrangements for some of the exam to be taken under the previous scheme by registered Students.

  • You can now book the M2 and M3 exams until 31 March 2015. There is no deadline after that date for taking the booked exams but there will be no re-sits.
  • At the same time the deadline for completing C2 and C3 has been extended until 30 June 2015.
  • If you have become an Associate Member of the ICB by 31 March 2015 you will be upgraded to the new Level 3 Certificate and will not have to take exam papers BA4 and BA5. In other words, you can proceed to the new Level 4. You may find that you still need to enrol for BA4 and BA5 courses to ensure that you have acquired the necessary foundation knowledge and expertise before tackling Level 4 courses.
  • If you complete C2 and C3 by 30 June you will also be able to proceed new Level 4.

The final exam for the new Level 4 ABA9, which you take at a Pearson Vue centre,  is available from 2 March 2015.

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