AS Levels for University Entry

Are you taking AS Levels as part of your plans for university entry? Cambridge University has urged candidates to take at least three and preferably four AS Levels to help with university entrance (Daily Telegraph, 5 November 2014). The University regards AS Levels as a ‘robust indicator’ of ability, conferring ‘significant educational benefit’ and a ‘good predictor of success at university’.  The advice applies whether you are taking the existing AS Levels, which carry a credit towards the full Advanced Level, or the new ‘standalone’ AS Levels available for study from September 2015.  For many years universities have considered AS Levels to be a good predictor of success at university so this advice is not new but has been re-emphasised as candidates may overlook the value of having distinct AS Level qualifications when preparing for the new Advanced Levels. So keep working for those AS Levels.

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