What have the Romans done for us?

We often learn something new  about archaeology when we read engineering reports. Dr Robert Carroll, Technical Director of the UK Quality Ash Association (did you know there was one?) writes in the March issue of Civil Engineering Surveyor that: “The use of ash in construction dates back over 2000 years when it was widely used by the ancient Romans and Greeks who built many of their largest towns and cities close to active volcanic ranges where ash was readily available.  By mixing ash with lime, water and stone, both civilisations found they could create a strong binding agent and building material that was ideal for use in large, complex structures such as domes and temples – where aesthetics needed to be backed by structural integrity.” Nowadays, apparently we mainly use ash produced at coal-fired power stations as a by-product of the combustion process. Dr Carroll points out that, by using this secondary resource, contractors can avoid using raw materials such as quarried stone or topsoil. And fewer truck movements are needed as pulverised fuel ash (PFA) is lighter than soil or stone.

This new Certificate, for which we are now accepting enrolments, leads to ICB Affiliate Membership. It is the first stage in the ICB’s new examination scheme. The new Level 3 leads to Associateship and Level 4 to full Member. If you are already registered with the ICB and are part way through the existing exam scheme you can continue until 31 March 2015. If you have not finished by then, you can switch to the new scheme with appropriate exemptions. So now is the time to get a move on! If you need to resume a lapsed course please do get in touch with us for a course extension,
The new scheme, from 7 April 2014, brings ICB’s qualifications into line with the Ofqual framework. At the same time, the ICB has reviewed the detailed content, with revised learning objectives to ensure that its qualifications remain up to date and relevant to the practice of bookkeeping. The first exams will be held in June 2014. The Level 2 course starts from course principles so it is suitable even for those who have no experience of bookkeeping – but you need to confident of your basic numeracy and accuracy.



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