History coursework

Recently, we have clarified with Edexcel what items you should include in the word count for your essays. The answer is, basically, that only your essays are covered in the word count, including any footnotes (which you should keep short and to the point). If you are busy completing your History coursework (Edexcel Unit 4), you will be aware that you must submit your Resource Record with your coursework essays. This is not the same thing as a bibliography.  The Resource Record covers your investigation of possible sources, your annotations on their usefulness and any guidance given by your Tutor. Although it must be attached to your coursework, the Resource Record is not marked and of course it is not included in the word count for your essays. It helps to show how you have tackled the sources required for your essays.  When you write your essays, you will need to cite those specific sources from which you have drawn information and you should list these sources by title, author and ideally publication date, in a bibliography attached to your essays. There are plenty of examples of bibliographies in Edexcel’s Coursework Book. Follow the same format. You may also attach an Appendix, e.g. to reproduce a speech or letter that is too long to include in full in your essays. Neither the bibliography or Appendix is included in your word count. They are simply attached as supporting materials.

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