Short Assignments for VAT

We have recently added three short assignments for marking by your Tutor to our Course: VAT: A practical course in managing your VAT. The course covers in detail the bookkeeping entries needed for VAT and leads to a full practice Assignment. These short additional in-course assignments are set at stages to help you consolidate what you have learnt and to provide an opportunity for your Tutor to check that you are on the right lines. (No increase in price!) If you are taking our Basic Bookkeeping course or the ICB Level I Certificate in Manual Bookkeeping the VAT course offers you wider practice in making the VAT entries.

Congratulations to Janice Sykes (Distinction Level I) and Anya Bruty (Distinction Level II) in the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers examinations in January. Comments from students are always welcome and Janice offered some suggestions for the treatment of various topics. We have discussed these with our Authors and Tutors and as a result we will include some further guidance and interpretation on these in our Exam Supplement. Many thanks, Janice!

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